Cable Tray and Support System With Accessories:

Manufacture three types of trays.
  • Ladder Type
  • Solid Bottom
  • Perforated Bottom
cable support system


Fittings are sections of cable trays which are joined with other cable tray sections for the purpose of changing  the direction, elevation or width of the cable run. All fittings are available in sizes and types corresponding to the straight tray sections.


Horizontal and vertical elbows directional and elevation changes respectively.
  • Elbows
  • Horizontal “Tree”
  • Horizontal cross
  • Reducer


Covers act as an additional safeguard, providing shelter from sunlight, direct acclimation and accidental contact. They also isolate cables from fires and radio frequency interface.

Construction Accessories:

F.K Engineering manufactures all construction accessories to enable on-site installation of cable tray systems. These include connectors, Channels, Camps brackets and hangers.

Advantages Of Cable Tray:

F.K Engineering cable tray systems are manufactured in
  • Accordance with the precise standards laid down by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), thus ensuring standardization of materials used, as well as load bearing capacitors.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Increased cable fill over other wiring method, thereby saving material costs and installation labor.
  • Less space utilization than comparable conduit or other systems.
  • The metal can be used as an equipment ground conductor.
  • Easy location of faults and quick repair without expensive boxes or fittings.
  • Cables can be adding to existing trays at a later stage.

High Standard Manufacturing to Produce a Quality Product:

To improve the efficiency of the production, a design section is working unde the supervision of qualified and experienced engineers. All designs are checked and approved by engineers and these are sent to clients for approval before manufacturing for design and development of switchgear panels. The following are pannels which are provided,
  • Power sharing cutters
  • hydraulic and power bending machines
  • hydraulic and power die Press
  • Spot Welding Plants
  • Arc Welding Plants
  • Drilling / Tapping Machines
  • Precise bending and cutting
  • Copper cutting & bending Machine for copper bus bars
  • Test Equipment for testing of LV switchgears (Meggar, insulation & pressure TEst and Contr ol Cable Connection Testing)
  • Storage facilities for Electrical and Mechanical Inventory items

Products Features:

FK Engineering Products are flexible and easy to expand if design or maintenance requires, easy for
  • Installation / Wiring and their specifications can bechanged according to requirements of customers
FK Engineering switchgear items are steel fabricated, totally enclosed for indoor / outdoor applications. All the
  • Panels are electrostatically powder coated after completing pre paint process of rinsing, degreasing, derusting and phosphating
  • Product paint is durable and suitable for both type of panels i.e Floor and wall mounted, according to customer requirement and complies with the latest international standards like IEC, BS or VDE according to IPXX protections. For bettr conductivity a set of copper busbars is used and it is accessible from front or rear side with possibility of future extension.
  • FK Engineering Products are tesed / Inspected at any step to ensure that product quality according to customer.
  • Needs and requirement. Technical literature and a final test report is provided for valued customers to ensure the quality of the products.